Unlike a wikia based around a collaborative, encyclopedic effort, Young Dracula Fanon allows users to write their own fanon stories, so they are the authors and (for the purposes of this wikia) owners of their own pages. The editing policy covers what kinds of edits you are allowed to make to other users’ pages without their permission.

Permissible edits

If you do not have permission to edit another user’s page, the only edits you are allowed to make are as follows:

  • Categorizing the page.
  • Correcting spelling.
  • Correcting grammar.
  • Reverting vandalism or spam.
  • Organizing or correcting the page to conform to the wikia’s policy.

Using other authors’ fanon

You may not add, remove, or change story details from a page you did not create unless you have permission. One notable exception is the {{Free-edit}} template, which allows any user to make additions to a page, though alterations of preexisting material should first be discussed in the page's comment section.

You also may not use or link to someone else’s story as part of your own without the author’s permission. However, pages that are tagged with the {{Free-use}} template may be referenced by any user in their pages, but this tag does not give you permission to add, remove, or change content from a page without permission. The author may establish terms and conditions for the use of the reference in their page's comments section.

If you believe that your fanon is being used or altered without your permission, please contact an administrator and they will review and resolve the situation.

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