The deletion policy is a set of guidelines for when and how an administrator can delete a page that violates Young Dracula Fanon's policies.

Types of deletion

There are two ways in which a page can be deleted:

  • Speedy deletion. When an administrator discovers page that obviously violates the wikia's policies, that page can be immediately deleted. Users who find pages they believe violate policies and qualify for a speedy deletion can add the {{Delete}} template to the page. This includes your own pages that you wish to have deleted.
  • Deletion discussion. If there is a question as to whether a page violates policies, a deletion discussion should be created so users can vote on whether the page is a policy violation. Add the {{DeleteTalk}} template to the page and create the deletion discussion here.

Dispute resolution

If you disagree with the deletion of a page, please contact the administrator who deleted the page on their Message Wall. You can explain your concerns—remember to follow the Participation Guidelines—and ask that the page be restored. The administrator will consider your point of view. If they agree, they can restore the page (unless it was deleted after a deletion discussion). If they disagree, they can explain why it was a policy violation and why it will not be restored.

If the page remains deleted and you are not satisfied with the administrator's deletion, you can discuss it with other users in the Supernatural Fanon Discussion board.

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