Young Dracula Fanon utilizes a blog feature in order to give writers their own space to blog about Young Dracula and their own fanon work. This blog policy covers acceptable uses of blogs on Young Dracula Fanon.


The following are the policies for posting blogs on Young Dracula Fanon:

  • Blogs must be be relevant. All blog posts must be relevant to Young Dracula Fanon. They can be about Young Dracula, information about a user's fanon stories, or matters pertaining to the wikia.
  • Blogs must follow the participation guidelines. All blog posts, as well as comments on blog posts, should be respectful of and civil towards other users, even in the case of critical writing feedback. All relevant aspects of the participation guidelines apply to blogs.
  • Blogs must follow the content policy. All relevant restrictions that apply to articles under the content policy also apply to blogs.

Blogs and blog comments that do not meet the above criteria will be deleted.

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