Young Dracula Fanon has a set of article guidelines, also known as the Manual of Style, that fanon pages are required to follow. This policy acts as a guide to ensure that pages meet a minimum standard, while still allowing for maximum creative freedom for writers.

Fanon article guidelines

The following are the basic guidelines for fanon articles on Young Dracula Fanon:

  • Fanon pages must be written in English. Articles should be written in English. Both American and British-style English are acceptable.
  • Fanon pages must contain proper spelling and grammar. All articles should be as well-written as possible, based on the skills of the writer, and contain proper English spelling and grammar.
  • Fanon pages must contain correct tense and perspective. All in-universe articles should be written in the past tense, with the exception of a "Behind the scenes" section, which can be in the present tense. Out-of-universe articles should be written in whatever tense is most appropriate. All articles should be written with a third-person perspective.
  • Fanon pages must be categorized. All articles must be categorized in all relevant categories. Categories should, however, be kept to a reasonable minimum. Additionally, user-based categories, excluding "Articles by NAME" and "Fan fiction by NAME," are not allowed.

Miscellaneous guidelines

The following are miscellaneous guidelines that do not necessarily fit into the above sections:

  • Videos. Videos should not be embedded onto Young Dracula Fanon pages unless they serve a relevant function, such as to illustrate part of the story being told.
  • Appropriate content. The content policy applies to fanon pages on Young Dracula Fanon.
  • Plagiarism. Stories that contain plagiarism are not allowed and will be deleted.
  • Young Dracula content. Pages containing text copied from Young Dracula Wikia (or any other wikia), even if that text is correctly attributed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license, is not allowed. You can use official Young Dracula stories in your stories, but they must be in your own words.
  • Off-topic pages. Pages that are not about Young Dracula will be removed. Crossovers also are not allowed. Spam and vandalism pages will also be removed.
  • Deletion. Pages may be subject to deletion if they do not meet the criteria contained on this page.

Writing help

Following these guidelines may seem a little daunting, but there are always people here to help. If you ever need any help, feel free to ask in our Writing Center.

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