A positive test

A test created by the Slayer's Guild in order to test whether a victim of a vampire bite has been infected or not.


  • Method 1

first of all, a sample of the victim's blood, specifically from the neck wound, is taken back to the slayer's guild for testing.

Once there the equipment is set out and a wooden splint is first dipped into vampire blood (not the victim's), before being dipped into a garlic solvent, where the blood should ignite upon contact.

The reason that known vampire blood is tested first instead of the victims. is likely to test that the solvent is concentrated enough to pick up infection. If the vampire blood doesn't ignite then they'd know the solvent needs to be more concentrated and thus get another, which would again, be tested with vampire blood.

If the vampire blood does ignite, then they will test the victim's own blood in the very same way next.

If the test is negative, meaning the blood does not react to the garlic, then they are clean from infection and definitely staying human.

But, if the test is positive, and their blood does react, then they have been infected, and, due to the lack of a cure, will without exception eventually become a half-fang, albeit neither versions of the test, unfortunately, is able to determine exactly how long it will take for this transformation to fully occur.

  • Method 2

A bulb of garlic can also be simply held to the neck wound to just as effectively test them, and this process is occasionally used in cases of emergencies.

However, the reason this is not more commonly used by the guild, is that it is absolutely agonizing for the victim if they are infected. This is unsurprising, as garlic literally causes anything infected to ignite and the sign of this test being "positive" is, other than the distinct sound of "sizzling", the victim reacting in pain as they are essentially being burned alive by the garlic.

So, despite the guild's stigma against vampires, as the victim is still mostly human at this stage they would mostly (some extremists won't care) prefer to still treat them like one.

Equipment needed

Method 1:

  • Vampire blood
  • Victim's blood
  • Wooden splint X2
  • Garlic solution
  • Petri dish

Method 2:

  • Bulb of garlic