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Tollunde is a bodyguard who works for Roquelaire, Head of Security at the Vampire High Council.

Series 5

Tollunde is first introduced in "The Bodyguard". He is appointed as the bodyguard of Vladimir Dracula, the Chosen One. Tollunde seems to annoy Vlad with his constant droning. Roquelaire explains that Tollunde is a deeply religious vampire, and that he is focussed on protecting Vlad.

Vlad, Ingrid and Malik all try to get rid of him; Vlad because he is afraid that his status as a half-human will be revealed, Ingrid and Malik because they want to destroy the Chosen One. Vlad manages to give Tollunde the slip.

Later in the episode it's revealed that Vlad's real bodyguard is actually Talitha, Roquelaire's daughter. They suspected Vlad might be too proud to have a bodyguard.