The Cease-Fire was the treaty that was brokered between vampire Vladmir Dracula and two members of the Slayer's Guild, Jonno and Mina Van Helsing, in order to bring an end to the slaughter between the two groups that would no doubt have, in the long run, come to an end with the extinction of one or even both groups otherwise.

Despite the obvious long-term benefits of this arrangement however, it is not popular with either the vampiric aristocracy or the ferals, being one of the few matters that the vastly different classes can actually agree on.


There are very few conditions of the cease-fire, but the breaking of any has very severe consequences for the perpetrator. Following a trial, if the culprit is a vampire, unless under extreme circumstances they are often handed over to the slayers where they will be put to death by a stake through the heart. The punishment for a slayer who breaks the cease-fire is that they and anyone who assisted them in any way in committing their crime, will be expelled from the slayers guild.

These terms are:

  • A vampire cannot bite any breathers.
  • A slayer must not slay any vampires, and if biting is seen they are to instead report it to the Slayer's Guild.
  • A slayer cannot bear arms in the presence of a vampire unless they are actively on patrol as a precaution.
  • Neither vampire or slayer can enter any bases or property owned by the other party unless explicate permission is given.
  • If a vampire is to be put to death it must be as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

These terms can essentially be summarized the well known motto of: "no biting, no slaying", particularly as those two rules as well as the final term are the only ones extensively regulated.


Only in very few cases are these laws able to be broken without any repercussions being faced. These cases are:

  • If there is explicate evidence that a human gave their consent, without any extra "persuasion" via hypnosis on the vampires part, then they are allowed to be bitten, but can only be Turned. Draining is not allowed no matter the circumstances.
  • If a vampire is a half-fang that is newly Turned or a born-vampire that just turned 16, they are allowed one warning before they have to be handed to the guild. If possible, then they should instead be enrolled into REVAMP.
  • If either party are attacked first then they are allowed to attack back in self-defense but must be able to prove that they were attacked first.