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Slewdo is a board game seen in series 2 of Young Dracula, (specifically "When Vampires Go Bad"). It is the vampire equivalent of the breather game, Cluedo, and supposedly for vampires aged 8-100, although much older vampires do play it. It is briefly mentioned that Count Dracula always cheats at Slewdo, and that the game is, in fact, against the law.

Basics of the game

The objective of the game is to figure out, who slayed the vampire before your fellow players. First, three cards, (murderer, weapon and room), are hidden. These are the cards you will be aiming to guess. You move pieces around the board, making guesses as to who is the murderer. It is a game of deduction, where you must cross possible suspects, weapons and rooms off the list, until you know who, how and where the murder was committed. At which point, the player may make a guess and look at the hidden cards. If they are right, they win, and if they are wrong, the game continues until someone else is right.

Incidents when played

  • It is frequently played by the Dracula Family, especially Vlad and the Count along with neighbor Robin Branaugh.
  • Street-fangs enrolled in the REVAMP scheme would play this along with various other board games when the blood cravings got bad enough that they could no longer concentrate on or learn anything in class.