Robin Branaugh
Vampire Robin
Aliases: Half-fang
the Idiot
Species: Vampire (Half-fang)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark
Parent(s): Graham Branaugh (Father)
Elizabeth Branaugh (Mother)
Other Relative(s): Ian Branaugh (Brother)
Paul Branaugh (Brother)
Chloe Branaugh (Sister)
Kora Vaccaria (Vampire sire)
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Craig Roberts


Series 1 & 2

Though by no means the most intelligent character present, Robin was the first person outside of the Dracula household to discover that his new friend was in fact a vampire. In the first series especially, Robin occasionally came close to becoming dinner for the Count, particularly when the Count felt the need to prompt Vlad into concentrating on his vampiric responsibilities. Aside from that, Robin was begrudgingly accepted into the Dracula household.

Robin Vlad and Chloe

Happier days

He was a loyal friend to Vlad, if only because he was so obsessed with vampires. He wanted Vlad to be as much of a vampire as possible, despite the fact that Vlad had no interest in his preordained fate whatsoever.

In spite of being slightly strange and a bit of a loner without Vlad, he was shown to be a respectable (if morbid) artist and a chess grandmaster, even beating "the greatest chess player ever" Chandu.

Robin was a very relaxed character and he often did not care for the "danger" or "significance" of a given situation. Instead, he cared for the "coolness" of vampirism, thinking about the pros rather than the cons, and offered lighthearted advice. This often annoyed Vlad, but the Count quite enjoyed the attention.

Dreamworld 2

Robin in Vlad's dream sequence

Throughout a large part of Vlad's "dream sequence" in "Insomnia", Vlad visioned Robin as a "Wise Man" figure who helped him to avoid the dream slayers (Robin's family), and helped Vlad discover his vampiric powers. This perhaps shows that in his sub-conscious, Vlad admires Robin more than he lets on.

Vlad made the Branaughs forget that vampires existed in the final episode of series 2, but whether this meant Robin also forgot the existence of his friend is not known, although either way at some unknown, off-screen point, he did regain his memory.

Post-season 2



Chloe Branaugh

Kora Vaccaria

Irina Nosferatu

Irina is known to have collaborated with Robin at least once, in order to further her agenda against the Vaccaria's, although the exact extent of their collaboration is currently unknown, as is his exact role in V being abducted and returned to his mother, following Robin visiting his turning sister.

Vladimir Dracula

Known half-fangs

  • Chloe Branaugh