Marin (Ma/lik and E/rin) is the pairing of Malik Vaccaria and Erin Noble. At first they didn't get along. However, after Vladimir Dracula bites her, they seem to get along better. In 'Loyalties Are For Breathers', they even kiss and in 'Bootiful Breathers' Malik asks Erin if she would to go out, to which she agrees. In 'Kiss of Death' - when Malik's mother Elizabeta attempts to stake Erin, Malik stops her, proceeding to put his arm around the newly bitten half-fang.

Alternative names

  • Malrin
  • Maerin


Examples of fanfiction from ( featuring Marin are:

  • "Cravings-in-Paris" (Teen rated)
  • "What happens in Paris" (Teen rated)