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Other Names: Breather
Leader: Prime Minister
Notable Powers: None
Notable Weaknesses: Morality
First Appearance: When You're a Stranger

A human (or breather) is a mortal living creature. Vampires hate humans and bite them for sport, bets, to quench their thirst and their instinct. Other names for a human is Mortal, Not-Vampire and Red-Face. None of which are particularly inventive.

Unlike vampires, they lack fangs as well as cravings for blood. Instead, they possess a heartbeat, a reflection, and the requirement to breathe so that they do not die. Essentially, the largest differences between to two species are that not only are humans alive, whilst vampires are not, but humans also tend to be more morally diverse, whilst vampire seem to have a natural inclination for evil.

There are more similarities between the two species however, than most parties would care to admit.

For example: humans and vampires are capable of interbreeding to produce a human/vampire hybrid know as a dimidus, such as Vladimir Dracula himself, and even pure-blooded vampire children, until they turn 16, are essentially indistinguishable from breather children, except a difference in scent that only another supernatural creature can detect as well as several powers.

Humans are also closely related to werewolves and spellcasters and are also the only out of all 4 species that can be "turned" into another.

Known Humans

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