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The Grand High Vampire is the title given to the vampire who at the time heads the Vampire High Council. A new Grand High Vampire is chosen when the current one is slain or killed in some way. The Grand High Vampire is permitted to wear the Crown of Power, which at the end of series 2, destroyed each person who put it on, until the Chosen One (Vlad) put it on himself.

Known Grand High Vampires


After their sixteenth birthday (thirteenth for Vlad), a vampire enters the dreamworld where they are made to test their vampiric powers to fight slayers. In the dreamworld, the vampire also meets the 'Grand High Vampire', who does not take the form of the current Grand High Vampire, but that of someone they in some way look up to. For Count Dracula it was Nanny Clontarf, and for Vladimir Dracula it was his father.