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Farah was a bounty hunter, born into a family with a long history of it's member entering that profession, with Farah herself being trained from infancy to excel as a hunter.

Later in life, following many successful and even occasionally high-profile assassinations, Farah was employed by Shango Ramanga to slay the Dracula Family themselves.

In "The Bodyguard" she fooled Vladimir Dracula into thinking that she was mourning the loss of her husband, Kai who'd earlier been dusted by Shango after his failure to dust Vlad. Although she was married to Kai, her feelings were all a ploy to gain sympathy from Vlad, as the blood-binding was more for practicality's sake if anything, and during her childhood "conditioning" she was taught to repress any sort of feelings that may have actually allowed a loving relationship.

Regardless of her deception, the ploy still worked, and before she was to be executed by the Vampire High Council Vladimir met with Farah and smuggled her out of the castle.

Later she attacked Vlad and directly revealed that she had lied about being upset about her husband. Luckily for the Chosen one, Talitha, Vlad's real bodyguard, killed her before she could successfully stake the weakened Vlad.