Devlin Botha
Occupation: Refugee
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-thirties
Skin color: White
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Status: Deceased
Only Appearance: Malik's History

Devlin Botha was an Afrikaans refugee vampire Malik Vaccaria and Erin Noble met in 2013, during their time in Paris. He and Phillip had abandoned their clan in Cape Town after people began to go missing. They suspected that it may be linked to the sudden reappearance of infamous vampire and former High Council member, Ramanga. Unfortunately for them, they were right. Ramanga, driven insane by the knowledge the Spirit World gave him, decided to wreak havoc upon the village as an act of revenge for the wrongdoings of Devlin's father, the head of the Otrayu tribe. He summoned the might of the Shadow Warriors, who were entitled as half-demons to do as he asked in return for a possession most dear to him. If they had been allowed to carry out his request, they would have most likely taken the heart of his eldest son, Shango.





Malik Vaccaria

Erin Noble



Count Dracula


  • Telekinesis:


  • His first and second names mean 'brave' and 'son of the leader.' These are both relevant to his position in the story.