Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: 301 (by 2015)
19-21 (physical)
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive

Clarissa is a former member and one of the few survivors of Malik's gang, and had been part of it since they met in Belfast during the 1990's.

Whilst she did not prominently appear in the main series, she does appear as a more important character in the YD tumblrs, which serve as a fan-made unofficial continuation of the series.

During this continuation, Clarissa does not appear until later on, after it being revealed by her mother that her connection to the Vaccaria lineage is much greater than it at first seemed.

(Important note: This page is not based on her TV appearances, instead, on her appearances on the prior mentioned Tumblrs.)


Early(ish) life

Joining Malik's gang

Series 4

Post-series 4




  • Malik Vaccaria

Clarissa is apparently very close to Malik, with him being estatic when he was told that she was still undead.

According to him they've saved each others lives multiple times and he has also said that he trusts her as much as he can "trust anyone these days."

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Known half-fangs


  • Favorite blood type is AB-
  • She is referred to by different nicknames by different people, such as ;"Clary", "Clarissa", "Ris" or "Red".
  • "Clarissa" is a French name that means "brilliant", although it has a different English meaning.
  • Her real last name is not actually "Mountjoy".
  • She is entitled to the last names: "Vaccaria", "De Fortunessa" and "Mountjoy".
  • Suffers from severe hydrophobia, due to her nearly drowning as a child before she turned 16.
  • Is actually strongly interested in history although she has never done much to pursue this interest. As a result though she does enjoy hearing about the adventures of other members of the gang.
  • Is in general quite intelligent a fact that is often over-looked due to due being both a street-fang and a girl.
  • One of the few members of Malik's gang to not only be a born-vampire, but also over several centuries old. Late 2015, she'll be 302.
  • Whilst it appears that she was unaware of her relation to Malik, there is a chance that she was lying about her ignorance, as there are several hints that point towards that direction.